Wedding & Bridal Alterations

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect dress for your special day — now it’s time to make sure it fits like a glove! At Fashion Dreams Inc., we help you and your bridal party look your best with wedding dress alterations, bridesmaid dress alterations, and more.

It’s Time to Schedule Your Wedding Dress Fitting!

Your wedding dress fitting is your time to meet with a seamstress and make adjustments to your wedding dress so it fits your specific measurements. Very rarely does a dress come “off the rack” and fits you to a T. A wedding fitting is needed to ensure your dress is sculpted to fit your body perfectly. 

The entire process typically takes two to three fittings: 

  • the first fitting (approximately 5 months before your wedding date) for bespoke customizations
  • the second fitting (2 months out) to ensure your dress fits to your liking
  • the final fitting (a few weeks out) to make any last adjustments. 

At Fashion Dreams Inc., we can accommodate all of the above to ensure you look and feel your best on your wedding day. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your first appointment.

Aerial view of bride sitting on the floor with her dress draped around her.
Wedding dress from the back with tailor doing last minute alterations.
Three bridesmaids with bride holding bouquet of flowers in a bundle.
Expert tailor working on alterations on woman wearing a white wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Nearly every wedding dress requires alterations since most are designed according to general measurements and proportions. For example, a bride might be taller or shorter than the modeled dress. 

Alterations ensure the dress fits your body, suits your specifications, and empowers you to feel like your most beautiful self!

Icon of a piece of measuring tape with the numbers marked on it.


Hemming involves shortening the dress in order to suit your desired length. This may be based on your height and/or the shoes you plan on wearing on your wedding day! A simple hem may also involve adjusting the sides of the gown and then making small adjustments so the work blends with the rest of the dress. 

Note: Your dress should be long enough to cover the tops of your shoes but not too long as to pose a tripping hazard. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to your desired look and comfort. 

Icon of a woman's dress.


If your dress is too short for your liking, you might consider lengthening your dress. This involves measuring and adding fabric to add length and then blending the alteration in with the rest of the dress.

Dresses with a lot of detail – like lace and sequins – may take more time in order to effectively blend the alterations.

Graphic of a tailor's dress form.


The waistline is a common area that tends to require alterations. During your first fitting, the seamstress may use clips to hold the dress in place. They will take your measurements and place pins where the waistline needs to be taken in.

If the waistline needs to be wider, new fabric will be added. This alteration ensures you look great while having enough room to move around in your gown.

Icon of a pattern for sewing the bust of a woman's dress.


The bust of your wedding gown may need to be altered in order to accommodate a smaller or larger bust. Fabric may be added or taken in to meet your exact measurements. All this ensures the top of your gown fits snuggly, provides adequate coverage, and still looks beautiful.

Icon of a needle and thread.


More extensive changes can be made to your dress, including the addition of details like lace, beading, fringe, etc. Other customizations may include adding things like shoulder straps, sleeves, a train, lace appliqués, buttons, lace, or a bustle.

Your alterations specialist will work with you to determine what additions need to be made and how to achieve your desired look.

Bride wearing a sparkly hand-sewn sequin gown holding a bouquet of various purple flowers.
Closeup of a beaded appliqué on wedding dress
Closeup of the neckline and upper chest of a woman wearing a gorgeous hand-sewn beaded and crystal dress.
Closeup of a hand-beaded appliqué with clear and silver stones, on a wedding dress

Custom Bead Work & Stone Work

Specializing in custom bead work and custom stone work for wedding dresses, party dresses, runway fashion, debuts, ball, gala, or any other event.

Cropped image of women lined up in bridal party all wearing teal dresses and carrying magenta colored calla lillies.

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

Whether you’re looking for an alterations shop for your wedding party, or are a bridesmaid looking to alter her dress, Fashion Dreams is here to help! We offer mending, repairs, and alterations for bridesmaids’ dresses and other wedding garments as well! 

Work with one of our skilled tailors today or visit our storefront in Syosset, New York.

  • Repairs
  • Hemming
  • Take in seam
  • Let out seam
  • Fixing rips
  • Shorten/lengthen trousers
  • Waistlines
  • Bust
  • Adding Detail
  • Resizing
Tailor sitting on floor measuring the hem of a mother of the bride dress.

Mother of the Bride Dress Alterations

Need to alter your mother of the bride dress? You deserve to look and feel great during this special occasion! You’re in great hands at Fashion Dreams Inc., where we will take your measurements, listen to your needs, and land on the perfect fit for you!

Whether classic, modern, embellished, or extravagant, we’re equipped to provide alterations to all types of gowns. Contact us to tell us more about your desired look and we will provide the best estimate to match!

Groomsmen in suits celebrating with champayne, the bubbles are all over as if it's snowing. They are having a great time.

Men’s Wedding Attire

We want all our clients to look and feel their best during any occasion. That’s why we also offer custom suits and alterations for men as well! Note that the custom suit process takes approximately 3-6 weeks, so be sure to plan ahead! 

Looking for a Custom Suit? We offer custom tailoring and bespoke suit design as well!

  • Repairs
  • Hemming
  • Take in seam
  • Let out seam
  • Fixing rips
  • Buttonholes
  • Shorten/lengthen trousers
  • Waistlines
  • Patching holes
  • Tapering pants
  • Adding darts
  • Resizing

Book your alterations’ appointment with Fashion Dreams

Preparing for your wedding or engagement event? We’re here to ensure your wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, or bridal garment fits and looks amazing! We have a passionate team of tailors who are eager to perform alterations based on your specific requirements and desired comfort. 

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Contact us today and we will provide a custom estimate based on your need and specifications. 

What our clients say

They are amazing!! Sonu said ‘let’s us do our magic’ and that’s what they did. Mother of the bride dress and maid of honor (my daughter). They were prompt and amazing..”
Susy G.
Sonu did a wonderful job on my wedding blouse! My husband and I were in a last minute pinch and she finished the blouse in 2 days! It was beautiful and we have a lovely wedding! Highly recommend.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions we often get about Wedding Dress Alterations. If you don’t see the answer you need, please call us at (516)827-5523

How long before a wedding should alterations be done?

We recommend scheduling your first fitting approximately 5 months before your wedding date, and then at least one more fitting approximately 2 months before your wedding. This gives you enough time to make any major adjustments, try on the new fit, and make minor adjustments before your big day. Keep in mind that different types of alterations may require more time, effort, or materials so when in doubt, give yourself as much time as possible!

What do bridal alterations include?

Standard bridal alterations include hemming the length, adjusting the bust, taking in the waist, and adjusting the hips. These alterations help ensure your dress stays in place and fits comfortably. However, many other types of custom alterations can be made, such as adding lace, beading, or a bustle. Contact us to learn more about the alterations services we offer.

Where can I find wedding dress alteration specialists in New York?

We offer wedding dress alterations, bridesmaid dress alterations, suit alterations, and more in Syosset, New York.  Visit Fashion Dreams Inc. at 69 Berry Hill Road, Syosset, NY 11791. Or, contact us online through our website or via phone at 516-827-5523.

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